About us

Gaia France is a French company dedicated to the progress of Science all over the world.

Our strategy focuses on the development of three synergistic activities.


  1. Supplying products and equipment for scientific research and diagnostic

Our principal activity is the distribution of products and equipment for scientific and diagnostic research, mainly manufactured by our European partners that have been approved by our Scientific Committee. We also propose a free product research service for scientists that do not want to loose any more time on purchasing activities.



 2. Providing Scientific services

Gaia France organization is proud to count inside its team a college of PhD scientists sharing a full range of specialized skills through the Scientific Committee. Beating heart of our organization, this organ enables us to provide specialized services and to grant certified labels for you projects and products.


  • Gaia France Antioxidant Certification

Natural products as carotenoids extracted from microalgaes have many interesting properties that could be used to face some of the most important health issues of the XXI century. Indeed, studies and publications have shown their promising positive effects to fight against cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory pathologies, and even several sort of cancer. Another beneficial effect is their antioxidant activity. Nevertheless, several factors influence this antioxidant activity:

– The features of the microalgae strain used;

– The method of culture, of extraction and purification of molecules contained in the extract.

Gaia France proposes to realize a study of the antioxidant activity of your microalgae extract, with a standardized method, in line with the international standards. For this, we involve our best scientists to gather their knowledge from chemicals to molecular biology, to make a thorough analysis, using chemical tests in order to evaluate the strain. After positive result of TEAC, ORAC and DPPH tests, the strain is labeled “Antioxidant Certified”. Besides, a detailed result of the analysis containing an exhaustive list of accurate features is provided to the client.

In addition, partnership can be developed to provide in-depth studies on the activity of this extract on human or animal cells.

Biological Tests

– Cell culture under oxidative stress;
– In vitro evaluation with human or animal cells;

– Evaluation of the membrane lipids oxidation;

– In vivo evaluation on small animals.


Certification process


  • Gaia France Consulting for microalgae culture

Molecules extracted from microalgae have numerous properties and high potential for medical and cosmetic applications.

Since  2011, researchers from our Scientific Committee perform studies on these molecules in partnership with research institutes and universities from different countries. Gaia France has acquired a strong knowledge about their production process.

We actively collaborate with companies developing a microalgae culture project. During the laboratory and the pilot phases, until the mass culture in photo bioreactors or open pounds stage, we provide technical and material support to our clients.

We also help established farms that want to increase the value of their production by enhancing the cultivation process to preserve the properties of the molecules.


  • Patenting Support

Gaia France assists researchers around the world to patent their innovation within European Union (with extension to other countries if necessary). We take in charge the entire patent procedure, from the research report and utility certificate until the patent grant.

 3. Research & Development

Gaia France develops formulation of medical cosmetics with efficient active principles derived from microalgae and other sea products. The Company also collaborates with an institute that performs long-term research on medical devices.

Meanwhile, our researchers keep working on the improvement of the production process of molecules from microalgae cultivation through the development of more efficient photo bioreactors.


For any information about our organization, do not hesitate to send an email to: contact@gaiafrance.com