Antioxidant Certification

Natural products as carotenoids extracted from microalgaes have many interesting properties that could be used to face some of the most important health issues of the XXI century. Indeed, studies and publications have shown their promising positive effects to fight against cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory pathologies, and even several sort of cancer. Another beneficial effect is their antioxidant activity. Nevertheless, several factors influence this antioxidant activity:
– The features of the microalgae strain used;
– The method of culture, of extraction and purification of molecules contained in the extract.

Gaia France proposes to realize a study of the antioxidant activity of your microalgae extract, with a standardized method, in line with the international standards. For this, we involve our best scientists to gather their knowledge from chemicals to molecular biology, to make a thorough analysis, using chemical tests in order to evaluate the strain. After positive result of TEAC, ORAC and DPPH tests, the strain is labeled “Antioxidant Certified”. Besides, a detailed result of the analysis containing an exhaustive list of accurate features is provided to the client.

In addition, partnerships can be developed to provide in-depth studies on the activity of this extract on human or animal cells.

Biological tests

– Cell culture under oxidative stress;
– In vitro evaluation with human or animal cells;
– Evaluation of the membrane lipids oxidation;
– In vivo evaluation on small animals.

Extract of antioxidant analysis

Antioxidant activity of samples July 2016

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